And so we begin our 2014 season at MDH Headquarters – welcome back!  Today’s list will catch up from the last two weeks, and there are definitely some highlights.  Whether you’re looking for motivated sellers (I’ll show you how to spot one…), or separate buildings built in the spirit of “man caves”, or even homes on big pie-shaped lots (x2) or homes backing onto ponds (x2)… we’ve got a bit of everything today.

The Newport model on McDougall looks terrific, even though there aren’t any photos.  And one of today’s homes continues its pattern of irrationality, performing a move so bizarre, I’ve called it the “Kiss of Death” in past episodes.  Just when I thought they were positioned to sell, they actually RAISED their price.  Unbelievable.

Action-packed day, so get ready.  And thanks for tuning in!

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