Tucked away on a street full of mostly two-storey homes, you’ll find a little bungalow on Beaver for a good price.  Yes, it has tenants and it needs a little updating.  But I bet there’s someone who can do it for less than the total bill to buy a bungalow in Drury Park.  It’s a nice gem… although the outside is a little bit funky looking.

Plus, we’ll talk about the dividing line for financing, and why there are at least 3-4 times as many people looking under $1 million as there are looking above.  Finally, the pick of the day for me is the home on Tremaine with great views of the Escarpment, a dead-end quiet rural street, and lots of house and land for a family.  Monaghan and Cunningham are also solid choices, and if you’re a rural horse lover, there’s a home on 96 acres that’s quite charming.  Don’t worry I won’t be competing with you to buy it!  🙂