It’s a big list today coming off the long weekend. But as you’ll see in the beginning of the video, I think it’s temporary. Inventory is starting to level off and balance out, which is good news for sellers… and it’s certainly looking like this is the time to buy. Oh God, how I hate repeating rhetoric like that… but I do believe it’s true.

Either way, if you’re even CONSIDERING buying, get your pre-approval in place before July 12th so that you lock in a lower interest rate.

There’s some amusing language in today’s listings, and I talk about the super secret trick of watering your driveway. 448 Tonelli has adjusted their price to $775k, and we’ve got a great new end-unit townhouse launching at 422 Patterson tomorrow.

But guess what?! You get a sneak preview today… here’s the link.

Also, there are two DOUBLE garage homes under $800k in the list. That hasn’t happened in a while.

Finally, if you’ve ever wanted green countertops, and a tree mural on the wall to match your green leaf chairs, then check out the home on Willet.