So my theory appears to be valid, but we’ll know more by the end of the week.

Sellers looking to “cash in” have mostly removed themselves from the market, either by cancelling their listing or by not listing at all. So the inventory levels are starting to normalize.

Over the entire long weekend, we only had 12 listings. If we see the same pattern this week, the supply & demand dynamics will adjust and we’ll see a stronger market over the next few months.

The 12th listing is on the ORTIS system.  Here’s the link.  I think these houses feel like dormitories.

Most people believe the interest rates will rise a little bit on July 12th, so there are lots of things happening that could swing the momentum one way or another.

In this list, we’ll talk about a pretty cool bungalow on Beaver, and two homes side-by-side on Michener. They’re both pretty basic, but they might be big enough to command the prices they’re asking.

And Bessborough is not exactly rare.