What’s more Canadian than having snow in your photos at the end of June?

Even if it hasn’t snowed in months.

If you see a NEW listing with out-of-season photos, your first thought is that it’s been listed for a very long time.

And that’s not the kind of impression that you want to give a potential buyer.

The inside shots are fine, and a simple re-shoot of the outside photos would take someone 10 minutes and maybe $100 if you hired someone. It just doesn’t make sense to me.  Why would you list a home with snow photos in June???

Then we’ll talk about the outdoor living area on Coulson, and a property that is back on the market after finally selling for $400,000 over asking after over 1,000 days on the market. I’m serious. Read that again slowly. It was the most bizarre sale I’ve ever seen, and a perfect example of the crazy 2017 market when it sold. And now, just a few months later, it’s back on the market from the new buyers.

Have a super duper Canada Day long weekend!  And if you’re around on Sunday, come see 606 Sunnyvale from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.