Welcome back for the 2013 season!  As we round the corner on three years, 600+ episodes and nearly one million views, we’re honoured that you find time in your busy day to include us.

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about a guaranteed way to recognize if a home has been listed in the fall.  Boneheads!  Plus, we’ll talk about the value of a carport, and the first Chuck Pick of the year goes to Farmstead… even though it needs appliances, fencing, window coverings, it’s still a good deal, with 2400+ sq.ft. for under $500k.

Watch today’s video for a special contest where you can win a prize by sending me an email (here’s the book I spoke about), and here’s the replay of the market forecast video I did after attending the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s “Housing Outlook for 2013” conference.  Seems to be getting positive reviews.

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