I think one of today’s hidden benefits is a lot that’s an extra 10 feet deep.  It’s subtle enough that you’d probably miss it if you weren’t looking carefully, but it really moves the status of the property up a few notches, at least in my books.  That’s probably about a 20-30% increase compared to the normal size.  The home has a nice layout, too.

Interesting one on Fulton, and we’ll talk about potential issues with being too close to the 16-Mile Creek and issues with being on a flood plain (have a look at sheet E2 on this map, looks like it is in the flood plain as far as I can see), which can cause issues with financing, additions, and even insurance.  Finally we’ll talk about a neat, not-very-well-known mortgage product that could be the perfect answer to a home buyer who loves the layout and the location of a house but not the finishes.

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