Is there such thing as too many pot lights? When your house looks like it’s a real-life constellation in the sky… then maybe. It also reminds me of a show from childhood. [Hint: I know you are, but what am I?]

The home on John is very “buildable” as I say in the video, and it could also work as a condo alternative or even for a first-time buyer. When you have that many target audiences, it’s always a good thing. Being in that downtown core is like being in southeast Oakville. It’s going to be the place everyone wants, especially as the new areas continue to become more densely populated.

Fennamore looks great, and they presented it really well. One of the best drone/aerial photo sets I’ve seen on MDH… ever.

And we’ll give you a sneak preview of a wonderful Timberlea home on Anderson before it’s listed… Why? Because we care. And two days left before the next Milton Buyer Class, so register soon!

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