I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t stress enough how important professional pictures are when you are listing your home. And this time I show you the cold, hard, scientific proof!

I can’t believe I’m saying $409K is a good deal for the smallest model of Village Townhouse. Last year, the prices were probably in the middle-$300’s. But that’s 2016 for you! No matter how much we know about factual market information and sale prices, the market is about people… and they don’t always follow linear paths.

Middleton is a great option if you want a big lot and don’t mind not having a garage. And if you like the layout on Lott, we have an even better one coming out soon. And how does a 30-foot lot affect your layout? I’ll show you why an extra few feet can make a big difference on a street that reminds me of a Star Wars character.

And thank you to our visitors at to the Charlton Advantage Bowling Party – our vision is to be your real estate consultant for life, and it’s so fun to watch kids grow up and to still be in touch with clients we helped years ago.

If that’s the kind of experience you’d like when you buy a home, then just reach out and let’s see how we can help you.

Buyer Class this Thursday night… registration link is here.

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