I have seen some creative layouts over the years, but one of the most bizarre continues to be the “toilet sandwich” we see on Wettlaufer in the ensuite washroom. I can’t even make this stuff up.

Plus, would you think there’s a lack of kitchen space if you saw pots and pans hanging from a rack in the kitchen? Surprisingly, many buyers make comments. Might be better to take them down and patch the ceiling.

Pick of the Day ™ is the property on Book Drive. That area has incredible “stick” — I have seen so many clients that get into the Dempsey area and they refuse to leave. The excellent schools and the convenient location are the top two reasons.

You can learn more about Milton’s neighbourhoods by downloading the Guide to Milton Prices in the top right corner of the site!

A good runner-up and almost Pick of the Day ™ on McGuffin. The home is large enough and upgraded enough to make it stand out in the price range.

And what does it take to sell an ultra-luxury rural property? I believe I know the answer, even though no other agents seem to be picking up the vibes.

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