There’s a handful of homes in today’s list that I think are priced below where they are worth. Whether or not they remain low when they sell… well, that can be a different story. But it is still possible to get a good deal in 2015, you just need to remain careful and choose your battles. The one-bedroom condo on Millside, the Bronte townhome, Laurier — these are all amazing picks if you’re looking in the under $400k price range.

Farmstead without a doubt is the best deal in the list, with a backyard more than 160-feet deep for $469k.

And it looks like McDermott and Moorelands quite literally sold as I was filming the video.

If you sell a vacant house, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. I’ll give you some tips in the video, and then we finish with a heavyweight battle reminiscent of Frazier/Ali in Manila. The two homes on Hinchey are both wonderful examples of 3000+ sq.ft homes with privacy behind and lots of impressive finishes.

I just can’t get over how good this month has been for both well-priced and unique, quality homes. Hope this continues! Although a few duds always makes for entertaining critique!

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