It’s always fun to see the before and after pics on a very substantial renovation, and today we’ll showcase a really good one on Highside.

And apparently 8 hours is too long to have a home on the market on Childs. Everything listed in that area has been selling incredibly fast.

There’s a sweet deal on a semi-detached on Kelly Gate, and right around the corner there’s a larger home with a custom-built kitchen, a HUGE lot and a finished basement on Hamilton Crescent. You can find out more here.

I’ll save you the taste test on Deacon (I wanted to know what was in the glass container, ok?) … aside from that it has a great kitchen and a big lot. Leiterman is priced below market value, even though the pictures may turn a buyer away. It’s a classic case of an undervalued home with poor pictures. Most people dismiss it, but I suggest swooping in and having a look.

Location of the day is Miltonbrook Crescent. I’ll show you why I like it so much in the video. Tons of future value. And then we finish by discussing what the homes that sell for a million or more have in common.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to come on a Tour or come to the Buyer Class on Saturday!

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