One of the “must haves” for someone moving to their forever home is PRIVACY. It’s one of those things that once you have it… it’s very difficult to live without. There are three top-shelf picks in today’s episode.

And if you’re looking for a first home, then Dawson should appeal to your budget. Aside from a $100/year fee to clean the road, the home is a freehold with no condo fees for $375k. Although you may want to check the age of the roof, windows and furnace to make sure there are no big expenses coming up.

And get ready for some lo-res shots on McNeil. It’s a good floor plan, and being across from a park is great, but we’re talking Atari-level pixelation of the photos. Hard to tell much from that.

And continuing our trend towards affordable rural properties, we pulled one just outside of Milton near Mountsberg because we thought it was a sweet deal at $469k.

Am I being too nice lately? Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a good one I can rip into. 🙂

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