No video commentary today, but as always we like to come up with a “theme song” incorporating something about today’s episode.

The mass exodus from Ennisclare continues, as we inch closer and closer to seeing half the street with For Sale signs.  I’m not aware of any outside causes of the “Sweet Escape”, but I’d certainly be doing my homework if I was looking at buying in the area.  It’s tricky enough to find a million dollar buyer, never mind enough of them to scoop up all of the inventory.  Very tough position to be in as a seller.

Lingen Crescent has that rare double punch of a big pie-shaped lot and a pool, and the house has a terrific layout.  Hardwood is almost expected at that price point, so I could definitely see a buyer factoring that into their costs.  Still, lots to get excited about on this one, and the school district (Tiger Jeet/Our Lady of Fatima) is considered by many to be one of the best in town.  The last home with the big lot/pool combination in the area went for $60k over asking.

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