In case you were wondering what a “lobby” or an “elevator” looks like, you can always consult the handy guide words on the listing on Costigan.  Good grief.

“It Takes Two” to make a good episode (bonus video here!), and Bennett and Van Fleet are slightly different versions of a similar floor plan.  One has a huge pie-shaped lot, and the other has a finished basement and it backs onto protected greenspace.  Both appear to be priced well, although the neighbourhoods are very different.  For a detailed rundown of the Beaty and Harrison neighbourhoods, check out the Guide to Milton Prices.  We’re on the edge of an even bigger upgrade of that book.

And the price came down $30k on Deacon, which should help.  That basement is simply amazing!

Have a great weekend, and we’ve got some really great homes coming out, including a 3,000+ square foot home with a finished basement on one of Beaty’s best streets, and a couple of townhouses – one facing a park and the other will be in the mid-$300’s.

And if you’re looking for a one-bedroom plus den, there’s not a better deal in town than this condo on Nadalin Heights for $265,000.  Here’s the link to see the listing.

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