I learned a very valuable lesson years ago from marketing guru Gary Halbert… that the most important thing you can have in business is a “starving crowd“. You don’t need the best tasting food or the biggest selection of ingredients if you have a lineup of ready and willing buyers.

So it goes with Fowles. ZERO competition right now at the price point, and some large demand. I’d be surprised if it lasted longer than a few days.

Another important consideration is the “double bracket” way of pricing. We’ve talked about it in past episodes, and we’ll go over it again in today’s video.

We’ve got a bungalow on a bit of a hidden gem of a street, not many people know about this “secret oasis” filled with newer bungalows built by Mattamy.

Victoria is arguably one of the best streets in Milton, and they slashed their price to open up their market. Financing rules are much different in the six-figure range than the seven-figure range. Then I’ll do a “birds’ eye view” investment analysis of a commercial/residential property. Do the numbers make sense… or is a dud?  All that and more in today’s episode!

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