“Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.” Today we celebrate the greatness that is Top Gun. From the “need for speed” to “keeping up foreign relations”, we celebrate the 1986 movie in today’s episode.

Annette edits our videos, and let’s just say she watched the volleyball game a few more times than necessary. Now I have Kenny Loggins stuck in my head.

Nairn might have a “Danger Zone” in the backyard, and the sweet home on Bell might just “Take My Breath Away”.

And don’t forget to check out the bank sale for $3 million. I’ll give you the history and which famous sports athlete used to live there. There’s a cigar smoking room, a par-3 golf hole, an indoor basketball court, and a movie theatre. And… a beach volleyball court, where you can get oiled up like Iceman, Slider, Goose and Maverick. Don’t forget your aviator glasses.  Cheerleader wife not included.

Coming soon: Colin Best and I will be releasing our fourth Flight Over Milton video. We were up in a plane today, which got me in the mood for this episode. Hope you enjoy it! And when it comes to buying, selling or investing in real estate, we’ll be your wingman anytime.


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