Some quirky price games in today’s episode. For example, what is a buyer supposed to think when you start at $889k, then drop to $859k… then take a break and re-list at $919k, then drop to $899k? That’s just confusing.

We’ll look at some history at the Viva Townhomes at 1380 Costigan, and I’ll give you a sneak preview of the home we have coming up for sale this week.

Another amazing deal for the three-storey on Fowles, and then more games with the other listing, who decided to bump their price up by $10k.

Oh, and we have the lowest-priced four-bedroom home in town in this list. That’s sure to catch someone’s attention.

And what’s the difference between “new” and “newer”? I think that’s just plain dumb and dumber. Enjoy today’s episode!