Only six properties today?

I guess it’s pretty typical for the end of August.  People are more concerned with enjoying their last little bit of summer, along with back-to-school shopping and licking the wounds of a very interesting 2017 real estate market.

Today’s video highlights an amazing bungalow on a big lot, with a walk score of 87!  That’s not easy to do in Milton.  You can learn more about the home at

As far as today’s list goes, 1420 McDermott dropped their price after Dawson Crescent lowered to $549k and after we sold the one down the street for more than asking.  I’ve been in the home at 1420 – some of the finishes and details, especially the basement, are a little roughly done, but it’s not too bad.  Nothing that can’t be fixed with hiring a handyman for a day.

In this “entry point” for a home with a yard, you’re generally not finding AMAZING condition.

We’re off to Toronto to talk about the new website.  I can’t wait!