We have a new home that just hit the market yesterday, and it’s lovely.  Semi-detached, with an open concept main level, and a walk-out finished basement with a kitchen and washroom.  Great for an in-law, and the street is super quiet.

You can read more about it on our 753 Miltonbrook page, and the video tour is our episode today.

There are only four properties in our list… so it’s pretty quiet for new inventory.

But what was interesting was there were another EIGHT properties that changed status to “accepted offer”.

I really and truly believe that our inventory issue that we had in the spring has now disappeared, and many buyers are afraid of upcoming rule changes in mortgages.  They’re ready to buy, and they’re scooping up the opportunities quietly.

Things have balanced out, and buyers and sellers are winning right now… if they’re playing the game well.