I thought August only had 30 days… is it a leap year?

Kidding of course. But I really did think that, and I can never remember that mnemonic song about the months of the year.

So here we are… on the doorstep of kids going back to school. It’s been a quiet week, but today’s list finally has some “meat” to it.

The first few minutes of the video are all about “staging”, and how to do it right.

If a buyer says, “This home is staged FOR SURE!”, it means one of two things:

  1. The owner either keeps their home in impeccable shape, or usually it’s…
  2. Because the staging is so fake that it’s pretty obvious.

Not all staging is created equal. A good example is the house on Lord Simcoe – not overdone, and it looks like it could be their own stuff. By the way, that home is terrific but there’s one thing that might hold a buyer back, and I’ll mention it in the video.

Also, there’s another “wheelchair-friendly” home in today’s list. They converted half of the main level (living/dining area) to a bedroom and expanded the powder room to include a “roll-in” shower. I’m guessing that there’s some kind of a ramp from the garage into the house as well.

That’s it for today – if you have a great sign that a home is staged, I’d love to hear about it.  Let’s make a fun Top 10 list!

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