So today we’ve got 20 properties, and some of my choice picks include the one-bedroom condo at 100 Millside (although it may be a little small for the typical downsizer, it’s great value), the double garage on Churchill (I’ve heard there’s not much backyard), and the home on Weston with a finished basement. Plus, one of the most mis-quoted floor plans makes an appearance today (Mattamy’s Newgate model – for the record it’s 2409 square feet). If you don’t believe me, type “Mattamy Newgate” into the Google search bar and read the previous listings. 2500, 2525, 2600, 2400+.  Yikes!

Lesson of the Day: If you’re looking at anything built pre-1950’s, make sure you check to see if it has a Heritage designation. And if you want a really good summary of the entire buying process, including steps, costs, mistakes to avoid and how to get up to $10,000 (or more) of free government money to buy your first home, register for next Thursday’s class using this link.