For properties with a generally undesirable feature (like backing onto a condo building), the agent really has two choices:  Are we more overt in displaying it, or do we do our best to hide the fact that it’s there?  The first way will bring less showings, but possibly more qualified traffic.  The second way can be successful because someone who may have crossed it off their list under option 1 would actually see it in person and think, “That’s not so bad.”  I’ve seen both approaches work successfully, depending on the situation.  Choose wisely… 🙂

A lot of today’s homes are aiming a little too high with their price, but I do like two of them… a LOT.  There’s a detached home on Hutchinson for less than $420k, and a townhouse beside the new University with incredible views of sunsets on the Escarpment for under $350k.