At least half of today’s homes have a very small courtyard, or a deck above the garage, or a balcony, but no “real” yard.  If that’s your thing, definitely check out the video and the link below.  My favourite pick in the “little or no” yard goes to Moreau, which fronts onto a beautiful park, with 5-bedrooms plus a loft above the garage.

There’s still some good news for “yard lovers”.  Other great choices for the day are the detached with finished basement and LARGE yard on Dills at only $429k, and the one on Childs with a pool at $549k.  Have a fun weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday — not tomorrow like I mentioned in the video.  Oh and the place I mentioned at the beginning is actually Bistro on Main, not Bristol on Main, which is where the larger two-bedroom condo is located.

One last thing… everybody is focusing on the action south of Tremaine and the new highway exit, but the property on Tremaine in today’s video might have a lot more traffic driving by after the exit is completed.  There might even be potential quarry trucks, etc.  Definitely do some homework before proceeding.

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