Today we’ve got 11 properties, including a re-list of a property that was for sale a few months ago on Cavanagh.

Clearly, the bright, sunny pictures are much better than the Van Fleet dark pictures, which remind me of an alleyway in Gotham City.

Other highlights include a two-bedroom condo facing the pond for $349k, a detached home for $589k on Roseheath, and a house on Lorne Scots with a super deep 150+ foot deep yard. Just be careful about two things – the wiring, and what’s behind the lot.

Finally, Savoline is offering a $10,000 BONUS to an agent, but their price is pretty far off the mark… especially when you compare it to the SAME model on a better street, with better finishes, listed for $20,000 less on Pickersgill.

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