No pictures? No problem!

Most people will skip homes without photos, but I know that more than half of these are golden opportunities.

The home on Bronte may have compared to other, not-as-good condo townhouse options to come up with their price (aka it’s a DEAL), or no photos might be a sign that it’s a bit of a disaster.

Even if it’s a fixer-upper, if it needs less than $25k of work, I think it’s worth pursuing.  Either way, get in quickly, and call us if you need help.

Willmott is another solid option for $559k, and it’s tied with McCandless for the lowest priced freehold home with a backyard. It’s larger than McCandless, but no finished basement.

And if you would like to supplement your mortgage payments by more than $200,000, check out the home on Roseheath.  Bonus: no homes behind!