I filmed this video on Friday, but posting a few days later. Got a little behind before the weekend started.

Shame, because this is one of the better lists we’ve seen in a while.

McCandless is the lowest priced freehold home with a backyard in all of Milton, and you can FINALLY get a four-bedroom detached home for under $700k at 939 Bennett.

If you want to go a little sexier, it will cost you, but I think 520 Trudeau is a great looking home, right by Trudeau Park. Woodward also looks nice, with some quiet little “escape” zones, and the home on Given Lane is on nearly 3/4 of an acre.

I spend quite a bit of time near the end of the video discussing the merits of the street.  Long-term, this one looks GOOD.  Just up the street, there’s a tiny 5500 square foot home being built, and it won’t be the last one that’s ever built.

Be sure to check out the link to the properties using the green button.

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