I’m off to see family in Toronto today, but I was hanging around in the morning and realized I could post a quick episode before leaving.

Wilson may have a very attractive price under $400k that we don’t see often, but keep in mind that there’s no garage (you have ONE parking space), and there’s electric baseboard heating.

We’ve mentioned the pros and cons of electric heat many times over the years, but the short and simple version is the equipment is easy to maintain, but the ongoing costs can be significantly higher than gas heating.

Inside, it’s kind of cute.  And the area is terrific.  Read more about Dorset Park here.

You’re also going to notice the big GO logo on Eadie.  I don’t really understand the logic of that, since Google Maps gives us a 30-minute walk time, which is more than most people could tolerate day-in and day-out.

The description is also quite interesting – there’s no shortage of words like luxury, elegance, majestic, grandiose and exquisite.  Not quite as bad as this, but close.

I love the floor plan on Baylis, but they do the same thing as Eadie… Unrivaled luxury?  One of a kind master piece (sic)?  Meticulous design?

“Understated elegance”?  Let’s just say that not much of today’s listings are UNDERstated.