I didn’t really have much to say about today’s list, so today is a quick video about how we go above and beyond to help our clients.

It’s super short, but I think it speaks to our values as a company.

And yes, I have hair on my shoulders.  Sorry about that.  If my grandfather were still here, he would say it’s because I ate certain foods as a child.  “Puts hair on your body, young fella.”

As far as today’s list goes, it’s not clear from the photos that Hood Terrace is a DOUBLE garage.  At least half the listings use the side angle as the front photo, because the front door is there.  However, I think that the biggest draw on this home is the two-car garage, and it needs to be front and centre.

Everybody knows there’s going to be a front door anyway.  It’s not something you HAVE to show.

I had two clients ask me about 1215 McDowell today.  Even though it’s dressed all nice and cute with furniture, I feel like the recent sales are pulling the value on this one below what they’re asking.  It doesn’t seem like a great deal at first glance.

Also, they mention a replaced rental hot water tank and new appliances, but the really big ticket items I want to know about are the roof, furnace and air conditioner… all of which start to fail around this time for this neighbourhood.  Combined, that’s probably close to $10,000 worth of expenses that might be looming.  Maybe they’re done, maybe not… but it doesn’t mention anything in the wording.