The floodgates continue to be open, with inventory levels like we saw back in 2015. Most of these homes would have been better to list 30 days ago, but it’s still a good market.

I’ve been giving a lot of information about how things have changed, but have no doubt – this is STILL a very strong sellers’ market, albeit with the possibility of a shift looming.

Today’s episode looks at strategy more than market values. Three townhouses in a very similar area, that are all at different price points, with two holding back on offers and one NOT holding back, but asking for a full day to review.

I think the middle one is the dark horse, and I’ll tell you how I would handle it if I had the chance.

Plus, four listings in the million-plus range, and NONE are holding back on offers. All signs of a new landscape. Be sure to check out the 239-foot deep lot at the end of the list – it’s one of the largest pieces of land I’ve seen in the last year in Milton (besides the rural properties of course).

If you like pie-shaped lots, there are a bunch of them in this list.

And we’re launching one more that you’ll see in tomorrow’s list on Zelinsky, but if you want a sneak peek sooner, go to You know we hook you up.  Ours is a little smaller than the other one on Zelinsky, but it shows really well, and offers are ANYTIME.

We also have a 2,100 square foot detached home coming up for $899k (also with offers ANYTIME), and you can sneak preview that one at

Favourite pick today is the double garage on Churchill. It’s hard to find a double garage, renovated home and nice lot in Dorset Park, and that combination might unlock a record price.