Inventory is way up with a big list of 49 properties today. I also did the research, and about 40 properties from the last 14 days have held back on offers and haven’t sold.

I really believe we should get out of the under-pricing model that most agents and sellers have accepted as the “norm” right now. When there’s too many options for buyers to choose from, you’re playing in dangerous territory as a seller.

However, as you see on a home like Tyrone and a few others – if you’re looking extra good, sometimes it’s not a bad idea to get that feeding frenzy of buyers who love a good looking home. And there are quite a few more of those buyers than the ones who only want fixer uppers.

I love the view on McDougall, and I think the car in front of Costigan is ridiculously bad. Plus, we’ll talk about assignment sales… bottom line is they’re complicated and you need a lawyer. But from a value perspective, why would I buy Goodwin when I could go get something like Cusick with WAY more value.