Another list that’s just okay to me. I feel like Randy Jackson on American Idol.

Inventory is up… way up. More listings in a week than we had in the entire month of January. And I believe it’s going to cause pricing strategies to change.

We’ve already seen sellers who have listed low and they hear crickets on offer night. It even happened to us (luckily the ending was happy). The buyers have spoken, and so has the government about upcoming changes. We will return very soon to a time when you price at market value… unless of course you fall into one of these categories:

  1. You’re in a very active price category or style of home.
  2. You have very little competition and/or you have a unique home that people can’t find anywhere else.

How do we know this is coming? Simple. We do a lot of business, and we also see a lot of trends online from having the biggest real estate website in Milton.

Now, I have a question: Does bragging about having a bus right at your front step make you happy? For me, it’s horrible. One of today’s properties uses that as a positive thing, but it’s a turn-off in my eyes.

Transit nearby? Perfect! Transit right in front of my house? Not so much.

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