One of today’s homes on Bessy teaches an important lesson about playing games with price, and how it can affect your momentum.  And there’s a great fixer upper on Lowe that looks like enough of a discount has been built in to actually see some “sweat equity” from the effort and costs involved with bringing it back to normal.  We don’t see many of those true “fixer uppers” at a good price, especially in the newer areas.

Then again, I haven’t seen it in person and it could be a hot mess.  The most helpful advice I can give is to look for structural elements to be sound, so that you just need to worry about cosmetic improvements and cleaning.

Nice list today with the lowest-priced non-condo home in town at $309k (with better upgrades than the one at the same price), and the most square footage in the price range at just over $400k.  And I’ll explain how the number of bedrooms affects the value of a home, and whether having more bedrooms is better than less bedrooms for similar properties.  And the link to the Guide is over there <<<