If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching former football player Mike “Pinball” Clemons speak, it is a blessing and a potentially life-changing experience.  My friend Andy told me about a recent event where “Pinball” spoke to a group of Realtors. He believes that some Realtors have taken people’s mindset away from “the home” to “the house” as a negotiating tool. And sometimes with MDH, we fall prey to that same way of thinking.  In the interest of comparison and value and interpretation, we sometimes commoditize the homes we see.  However, it’s always important to remember that we are helping people get the place where their kids will take their first steps, walk down the stairs to go to prom or host their wedding rehearsal dinner.  And I bet that at one point or another, a Realtor will forget or even downplay their importance in this process.  The truth is that we help families find the homes they live, grow and love in.  I can’t think of a more noble purpose in life, and it’s a blessing every day to do what we do.

In today’s list there are 8 properties, and half don’t have any inside photos, although there’s another nice fixer-upper in 100 Millside (a popular building with the 50+ crowd), and a very unique home on one of the largest residential lots in town, two streets away from Main Street.  The yard is like a football field.

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