It’s a multi-day episode, with all the properties from the weekend in the list. Just press the “Price” column header to sort the prices from low-to-high.

341 Wilson starts us off with a price reminiscent of prices from a year ago (or longer). The baseboard heating is definitely an interesting animal… you pay MORE per month, but there is a bit of a discount to the price up-front compared to a more regular type of gas heating system. ¬†More tips and info here.

Plus, lack of pictures either means the home is ugly, or the agent doesn’t have their act together. Either one is a good opportunity to me – so don’t skip listings like Shortreed, because they might be the best deals out there.

The mature areas bring the heat today, with two of the best ones out of the entire list of 41 on Lyndsay Court and Lorne Scots. And Lyndsay has a great description… not cheesy, but just bold enough to paint a nice picture of what life is like living there.

We just launched Higginbotham, and besides the street having an awesome name, it’s one of the better townhouses out there right now. At peak price, this one would have sold at about $700k, and we’re taking offers anytime at $650,000.

Finally… if you like a colourful home, Zimmerman has shiny blue kitchen cupboards, a green basement, and pretty much every other colour you can think of.

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