Our newest home for sale on 160 Ruhl is perched up a little higher than the neighbours, and it faces one of the nicest parks in town. More information and details about this one are at 160Ruhl.com.

If you want your home to look this good, you may want to check out our free Room by Room Review book. You can read through the guide and “do it yourself”, or you can bring us over and we’ll give you the best advice we can, specific to your house.

For that one on Ruhl, it was already playing at a very high level… but there are always a few little tweaks to help things look their best.

In today’s episode, the home on Patterson kicks Cooper’s butt. And Cooper is holding back on offers, Patterson is taking offers anytime. The winner is obvious, to me anyway.

Then I’ll talk about the three things you need to generate multiple offers. All three were present for the last year or so, including scarcity of inventory. But that’s changed, and there’s one thing you can still do to get a lot of offers:

Price it really damn low. That’s what McCready did. 🙂

Interesting adjustment in lot size on Commercial. And they also dropped the price by $400,000. Will be interesting to see how offers turn out tonight. My guess is $1.1. To see what it actually goes for, subscribe to the Milton Price Report.

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