We have a bank sale in today’s list on Fourth Line.  Can they be good deals?  Yes, it’s possible… but there are also some pitfalls with buying them.  No warranties about anything, so if there’s a problem… too bad.  Plus, if the owner comes up with the money they owe, the bank usually has the right to cancel the deal, right up until the day you get your keys.  If you want more information about these purchases, just reach out to us.  We’ve helped the banks sell them, and we’ve brought many buyers to these properties over the years.

Let’s take that to “the bank” with today’s guest video.  The link to the properties is just below…

It seems like today is a “hold back on offers” day.  Cooper (Sept 12), Sauve (Sept 13), Farmstead (Sept 13), and Tupper (Sept 16) are all anxiously holding out hope of lots of action on their chosen date and time.  You can’t see those dates publicly, but we get to see them as licensed Realtors.

Tupper looks pretty cool with a black ceiling in the kitchen.  That’s not something we normally recommend, but it seems to work well.  Every once in a while, a bold choice like that can make your home stand out in a good way.

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