The big daddy $3 million-plus home at the end of the video likely does NOT include all the area rugs in the photos … but then again, everything is negotiable. 😉 Especially if you negotiate using the Taylor Negron voice from the movie Punchline… like I tried to do this episode.

Shield your ears!

And rest in peace to Taylor, who passed away in January of this year, and who always seemed to rest on the edge of being famous as one of the great character actors.  He was in the Smelly Car Seinfeld episode, and he was Monica’s boss in Friends, and the bad guy in Bruce Willis’ Last Boy Scout movie, just to name a few.  More about him here.

About today’s properties… at 1600 square feet or so, Farmstead is easily the best deal in that price range. Yes, there’s a small fee for the road maintenance and garbage removal, but homes that size are usually way above $450k.

We all agreed that Stoutt really hit a home run with their presentation. We see listings all day every day, but this one had just the right amount of twilight, combined with a fabulous yard and a large, well-finished home.

Then there’s another solid four-bedroom detached double garage on a big lot with a pool on Cedarbrae for a little more than Anderson. Should be a good head-to-head battle.

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