Today is the biggest list of the year with 22 properties. And I guess someone didn’t like my comments, because I got an anonymous surprise in the mail. 🙂

It’s interesting… today there are a lot more properties than usual, but many of them didn’t really stand out.

And especially with holding back on offers, it makes it much harder to spot the good deals. The list price is just a marketing tool… and it has nothing to do with the actual selling price.

But once in a while, you get lucky and hit the right place at the right time.

There’s a legal non-conforming duplex in this list, and I’ll break down what that means. We also spend a few minutes talking about investing in real estate… so if that’s a goal, you may want to stay tuned to the first five minutes of the episode.

And where is the hidden treasure trove of newer bungalows? There’s one in today’s list on a street that most people don’t know about.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Buyer Class! But if not, we’ll be back on Monday with another episode.

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