Every once in a while I like to remind our viewers that we work in other communities besides Milton… and we have access to a huge network of information about sales and active listings across Ontario, along with really amazing agents from coast to coast in Canada and the U.S.

If you’re moving, or if you know someone who will be moving… I can guarantee we know someone in the area. Or we cover the area ourselves.

Here’s the article I mentioned in the episode: “Do you really need a freehold?” If you feel like saving money upfront and ongoing, consider the townhouse on Bronte. They’re increasing in value just as quickly as the freeholds.

I remember they used to be $170,000 when I first moved to Milton in 2005. Pretty much everything has doubled or tripled since then.

Speaking of rapid price appreciation, Copeland is hoping to piggyback on the 16 losing offers down the street by selling the same model as a recent record sale for $673,000. To put THAT one in context, the exact same floor plan went for $530,000 in December. I bet there are people who are regretting not buying in 2016.

Here’s the link with the Oakville-Milton properties, including the one on Commercial Street. ¬†Watch the video to hear more about why the location is so terrific.

Remember that we’re here for you whenever you need help. Nobody cares about you and your home more than we do.