I’m really liking a lot of today’s homes, including a few with extra income opportunities.  Seriously… good quality today.  In the video, I’ll share the one thing you NEED to have in an investment property, and why most investors think they’re investing, but they’re really just GAMBLING.  Anyway… Frobisher is fantastic, and they are holding back on offers until Sunday night.  Most agents in Milton don’t leave enough time on their holdback on offers.  You need to cross the weekend and do them on Monday to Wednesday of the following week… learned those lessons from my years in Toronto before Milton.  Most offers I’ve competed against?  27.  Didn’t win, and didn’t want to.  🙂  I’ll talk about the mindset of competing, and why the “I’ll never compete” strategy is silly.  What most people really mean is they don’t want to overpay.  No kidding… 🙂

And one of my other favourites is the huge 100 x 158 lot, which has one of the best frontages I’ve ever seen in the urban part of town.  And if you’d like to be notified about a certain type of home, or a certain neighbourhood or price range, just leave some details on this site and I’ll be in touch:  Milton MarketWatch – and we can even set it up for multiple areas, not just Milton.  It’s the best way to gather research and get the same access we get as Realtors.  Have a great weekend!