We get a lot of questions about the style of home called a “link”.  The definition of a link is that it shares a non-interior (above ground) wall with the neighbour.  So they come in two forms… first, is that the home is linked by the garage.  These are very closely related in price to a semi-detached, but slightly more desirable because there’s no shared wall between bedrooms or family rooms.  The second is when the basements share a common wall or some structural bridge in between.  Functionally these homes are much closer to detached, since above ground the only signs are usually homes that are slightly closer together and the wall dimensions side-by-side are almost identical.  They might sell for slightly less than a fully detached home, but it’s pretty close.  Bottom line is they hover somewhere between a detached and a semi-detached, and tend to be less common that either of those.

My favourite homes of the day are the very affordable 1-bedroom condo with high ceilings at Maple Crossing, and the double garage Quincy Corner on Fourth Line and Louis.  Even though I’m a much bigger fan of quieter locations, I like the price point, the larger yard and the finished basement and it seems like solid value with the proper adjustment made for being on the corner of two busier streets.