Sometimes higher condo can be better. When you look at a newer building with nothing included in the condo fees for around $400/month, and compare it to a 20-year old building with a long history of good management, plus a pool, gym, cable TV and heat and hydro included in the fees for $600/month… in almost every case, I would lean in the direction of the older building. To me, there’s much more stability and value in it.

But some people look at cost and say, “I don’t want to pay $600!” Remember that price is what you pay, but value is what you get. I think Warren Buffett said that.

Dymott should grab a lot of attention being a DETACHED home in the same price range as most townhouses, but there’s definitely something you should know about it… it’s the smallest detached floor plan available in Milton, which means it might take a few more showings to get an offer, at least if my past experience selling them is any indication.

Vaughan Court and Farmstead are two strong contenders for the Pick of the Day ™. Both are townhouses that don’t feel like townhouses, with solid finishes and lots of tasty extras.

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