That one on Ferguson for $399k is quite the deal… it’s easily worth an extra $20-30k more.  Offers are on Tuesday.  You know it’s scary that I can guess the offer presentation date with at least 50% accuracy.  I look at these listings so often that I can read the description and see the pictures and guess who the agent is.

Maybe I need another hobby.  🙂

And the one at 801 Shortreed is going to go a lot higher, too.  So high, in fact, that we had to play a theme song for today’s episode.  (Remember, DON’T THINK of a gigantic marshmallow man!)

Expect at least $550k if it looks decent in person.  Offers on Shortreed are also on Tuesday night.

No video commentary today – I was in a mastermind meeting for most of the day.  Just that awesome, awesome song.  See you tomorrow!




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