I’m a big fan of twilight photos at sundow, but the shots on Boughton are a little late for the party, in my opinion. It looks like the Thriller video. It’s a lovely home, but you can’t deny that a huge percentage of the homes selling for a million or more share ONE thing in common… and this one is missing that key feature.

Plus, when does it make sense to RAISE your asking price? I’ll give you an example today, and one that would have received twice the exposure by cutting off $900 like a vestigal tail.

Pick of the Day is Aird. The Heathwood Robindale model always sells for a premium, and this is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. The Plan 6 on Solomon combines a great layout, nice street and a low price… that is, until offer night.

And if you’re okay seeing past some work, I think Fifth Line could be renovated and worth more than the total cost of purchase plus improvements.

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