See the link for today’s list of homes.

Whoo-weee Woodward!  What a deal for a double garage with upgrades for $629k… and if you want a pool and a quieter street, you can jump over to Cedarbrae.

And I remember when I first moved to Milton in 2004.  Condo townhouses were in the upper-$100’s.  Now they break $400k on occasion.  Expect Bronte to sell fast.  Even with condo fees, it’s still the least expensive way to get three-bedrooms and a yard in Milton.

And this episode has some serious “sexy” at the end.  Check out the launch of 1242 Winter, with two of the nicest upstairs bathrooms we’ve ever seen.  Want the 3-D dollhouse tour?  See this link.

And that indoor pool on Bell School Line?  With incredible views of the Escarpment?  Wowza.


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