It’s hard to find any condo townhouse for under $300k anymore in Milton.  But there’s one on Childs Drive!  The heating is gas, which is good, but there’s one parking space in the middle of the development, with homes surrounding it.  So no garage.  It’s nice to have a communal pool as well.  Overall, very high marks for this one, and offers are on June 22.

Also worthy of consideration is Kendall.  Top to bottom it presents well, and it’s a Heathwood-built home, which means it commands about a 5% premium above other similar-sized homes.  I’m not always sure they’re deserving of that honour, but for the most part they’re well-built homes in an area some consider to be the finest in all of the new subdivisions.

And Appleby is for sale with another agent, and the photos aren’t even as good as last time – yet the price remains the same.  It has marvelous views, and I feel like nobody ever showcases this one well.  Get that drone up in the air and show people the property!

Our feature video is a property we just launched tonight on Winter Crescent for $925,000.  The finishes are incredible, and the lot is one of the largest rectangular properties in the entire subdivision, easily large enough to fit a pool plus more.

It might be one of the most visually impressive homes I’ve ever sold.


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