1301 Derry used to be owned by a famous athlete.  Then a dentist bought it for $2.8 million, and proceeded to lose it in a bank sale last year.  It’s been lingering on the market, still being sold by the bank.  I truly believe it’s because they’re not showing off the best features.  Now it’s re-listed for a shade under $2.3 million in today’s list.

Meanwhile, the AVERAGE GTA home was selling for $526,000 back in April 2013, and in April 2016 it’s up to $752,000.  Clearly, Derry is not following the market, which means it could be ripe for the picking.  Full stats are available here.

I discussed this place a few times in the past.  See here and here and here.

Oh and we’re launching a townhouse for under $500k next week with a forest behind.  If that’s something you’re looking for, let me know.


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