This time of year is always interesting.  Often the inventory is extremely low (we have dozens of buyers waiting to pounce on something), and demand can be high – either from people trying to get a headstart on spring, or from leftover buyers that didn’t find what they wanted in the last quarter of 2016.

All of that can be an opportunity to do well as a seller.  I’ll talk about this more in the beginning of today’s video.

The rest of the video is about secret messages and implied meanings in a listing, including the hidden broker comments only we can see, “tied land” costs with townhouses, the age of different mechanical features, rental items, and specificity of closing dates.

It’s one thing to not believe everything you read… and it’s something completely different to read between the lines!

After nearly seven years, I’m going a little more “loose format” in the videos.  🙂

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