One of the most frustrating things about working real estate in Milton is the overlapping MLS systems. When we do research on a property, often we’re taking some data from one, and some from another to come up with advice. Consumers also need to be plugged in to both systems for the most current information.

I’ll explain more in the video, but here’s the thing: the only way to get the most current information is using the MarketWatch program, and you can find more details at

Oh, and here’s the link to the cute hobby farm I mentioned that’s listed on the Oakville-Milton/ORTIS system.  The rest of the homes are on the Toronto MLS system.

I’m impressed by the presentation on Gooding, and the solution to the problem of actually FINDING the home by showing a map and a nice aerial view of the backyard (with a nicely done highlight). I think this one has a chance of selling for more than asking, even though my experience is that townhouses will often not get the same premiums for large lots that detached homes receive.

And is 1938 square feet “almost 2000”? That’s up for debate, but our industry is known for a little PUFFERY once in a while. 🙂

Finally, if you’re moving out of town, we have some incredible relationships and really trusted agent friends all across Ontario and even across Canada and the U.S. We can help make sure you’re in good hands wherever you go.  I’m looking forward to sharing more about this powerhouse mastermind group that we’re in a little bit later into the year.

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